BABYLONIA BABY CARRIERS Tricot-slen design - Black & white stripes

€ 79,95


Design: Elegant and stylish

The Tricot-Slen Design is a stylish baby wrap, knitted with 2 colours yarn. The result is a beautiful and stylish wrap. Furthermore, the Tricot-Slen Design responds tot he same features as the Tricot-Slen Organic.

Quick and easy, ideal for beginners

The Tricot-Slen Design is a lightweight stretch wrap that is extremely easy to use. Tie first, then put your baby into the wrap.

1 size fits all

The Tricot-Slen Design comes in 1 size and always fits perfectly!

Perfect support

Thanks to a very special knitting technique, specially developed for Babylonia, the Tricot-Slen Design offers optimal comfort and provides the perfect support.

3 kg up to 15 kg

The Tricot-Slen Design is suitable for carrying children from 3 tot 15 kg


The Tricot-Slen Design is an ergonomic carrier that supports your baby in the M-posture and supports the natural curvature in the back.